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    Brent Robitaille is a musician and author best known as a music educator, composer and arranger, and CEO of Kalymi Publishing. Brent is the author of 28 books, which are in worldwide distribution. His books for "Cigar Box Guitar" were among the first books ever published for this instrument, including The Ultimate Collection Volume One & Two, Blues Overload, 101 Riffs & Solos, The Complete Cigar Box Guitar Chord Book, The Technique Book, and a new series of four books titled Jazz and Blues Unlimited.  
    The Blues Guitar Looper Pedal Book and the Pop Rock Guitar Looper Book also break new ground, offering guitarists a guide to get the most from their looper pedals.   Improve Your Guitar Chord Playing is another excellent resource for teachers and students with step-by-step instructions to perfecting chord switching.  Brent has also written extensively in the Celtic genre including the Celtic Collection Series for violin, mandolin, ukulele & guitar. 
     Brent is also a well-known music producer and session musician recording and writing hundreds of arrangements and compositions with a lengthy list of artists and bands spanning a 30-year career. His compositions have been performed throughout the world, including recent performances in Italy, England, Las Vegas and New Jersey. 
     Brent is also a well known YouTuber publishing over 800 music videos. His music videos have accrued over 9 million views in over 196 countries, with 40,000+ subscribers viewing his videos daily.
     Brent studied composition, guitar, piano and theory at the Royal Conservatory of Music, Humber College, McGill University, and York University.



Jazz guitar with Peter Harris at Humber College

Composition with Dr. Samuel Dolin and classical guitar with William Beauvais at the Royal Conservatory of Music

Composition with Professors Brian Cherney and John Rea; guitar with Edda Bissinger at McGill University

Composition with Professor James Tenney at York University

Graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree (music specialist)



25 years experience as a private and class music teacher

Director of The Midland Conservatory

Music seminars and workshops in elementary and high schools

YouTube Online tutorials


Musician and Composer

Featured on over 40 recordings

Founding member of "Blind Mary"

Perform with pianist and singer Louis Lefaive and Ariko

Club and Corporate work with After Hours Band, Moonglow, Moonshiners

Singer Karla Crawford, Franco-Ontarian pop singer Eric Dubeau, fiddler Cindy Thompson, etc.

Theatre work: A Chorus Line; Little Shop of Horrors; Roar of the Greasepaint; Wintergreen; Cabaret

Live radio recordings including CBC New Music

Television series Emily of New Moon (sessions)

Orchestrated and arranged for Huronia Symphony, Serenata Choir,

Radio jingles heard on Rock 95, CHAY, KICX FM, etc ...

Coordinator of the guitar syllabus in Midland Y?s Men's Music Festival

Adjudicator of Kiwanis Music Festival / Young Composer's Competition


Books and Articles

Published research paper: "Can Composers Express Emotions Through Music?"

Empirical Studies of the Arts Journal, Vol. 10, New England.

The Blues Guitar Looper Pedal Book, Pop Rock Guitar Looper Pedal Book.

Cigar Box Guitar - The Ultimate Collection, Celtic Collection, Technique Book, Blues Overload,

                   101 Riffs & Solos, Jazz Unlimited, The Complete Chord Book

Celtic World Collection - Mandolin, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele.

Traditional Collection - Fiddle, Guitar, Mandolin.

Improve Your Guitar Chord Playing, Slide Guitar - 25 Pieces for Slide Guitar.

The Tab Reference Books -  Guitar, Mandolin, Cigar Box Guitar, Ukulele


Newspaper Article: The rhythm of yesterday and today?

Newspaper Article: Girls just wanna have fun!


Selected Recordings and Compositions

Triptych (SATB Choir and Synthesizer)

McGill Concert Choir: CBC New Music Series

String Quartet No. 1 - 4

Adagio for String Orchestra;

Jackie Washington: Jazz with Jackie

Points for Chamber Orchestra / Transformations Octet

Blaine Scott: Yearning for Learning

Flash of Light Orchestra / ?13? Guitar Suite

Electronic: Questus Munus / Lilyrinth / 8 Tone

Eric Dubeau: Par Chez Nous

Cindy Thompson: I Can Feel It In The Air

Eric Dubeau: Coeur Et Ame

Edgar Petitpas: Edgar Petitpas

Gerald Boy: Medieval Cottage Songs

Billy Savage: Silent Scream

Dawn Marie Forster: I'm Doing this for Me

Gerald Boy: The Colours of Life

Louis Lefaive: Destinations

Robin Henry and Brent Robitaille: Beyond Silence

Brent Robitaille, Louis Lefaive, Rick Patenaude: After All This Time

Brent Robitaille: Between Stops

Angela Haskill: In the Spirit

Jeanie McCarthy Scott: Song of a Joyful Heart

Brent Robitaille: Away From ...

Graham Trude: Graham Trude

Sandon Weber: Sandon

Sweetfire: Sweetfire

New Jersey Guitar Ensemble - Cairo

One Second to the Future - Guitar Orchestra