Blank Guitar Tablature Collection


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The 6-String Blank Tablature Workbook and Reference Collection for Guitar include eight blank templates and a useful reference with chords, scales, fingerboard, and more.  155pgs.

Multi-Tab Workbook and Reference for Guitar is available only as a print book-Not an eBook.

A perfect workbook and reference for all guitar students and songwriters!

The 6-String Blank Tablature Workbook and Reference Collection for the guitar provide players with a place to write down your musical ideas and keep your songs and exercises together in one notebook. For the first time, there are eight templates to work with: blank tablature (tab) with chord diagrams, both vertical and horizontal, 6-string blank tab, tab and manuscript, blank tab with fingerboard chart, chord diagrams with fingerboard chart, blank fingerboard charts, and 6-string chord diagrams.

A handy 60+ page reference covering the essential aspects of guitar playing: chords, barre chords, scales and patterns, multiple fingerboards and note charts, technical warm-up exercises, strumming and fingerstyle patterns, chord progressions and theory, a guitar capo chart, and a guitar notation guide showing how to notate commonly used playing techniques. 185 pages.

  • Great for Songwriters and Composers
  • Workbook for Students
  • Write Your Own Finger Songs and Exercises
  • Over 65 Pages of Essential Guitar Reference


Review Quotes

"good for writing chords and jotting down riffs"  Steve P.

"straightforward workbook for guitar ...lots of information"  D. Garrett

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