The Blues Guitar Looper Pedal Book


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How to Use Your Looper Pedal and Play the Blues.  The looper pedal is an excellent companion for any blues guitarist.

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The looper pedal is an excellent companion for the blues genre!  Most styles of blues have a repeating chord progression like the twelve-bar blues, making it perfect for looping.  Guitarist Brent Robitaille has created two, four, eight, twelve, and sixteen bar multi-layered loops divided into four or five separate layers or parts.  Each loop contains riffs or a melody, a bass line, chords, and a rhythm pattern.

Get your loops sounding better with the "ten tips for making great loops" and also improve your solos with the "ten tips for making great solos."   Also included:  blues scales, standard blues chord progressions in all keys, blues strumming patterns, chord spelling charts, fingerboard charts, and a section on how to play slide guitar with exercises.  Audio tracks below.


This book serves two functions:  how to use your looper pedal musically and efficiently to create blues loops for soloing and performing, and how to improve your blues guitar playing.


A welcome addition for any guitarist looking to expand their blues playing using a looper pedal.

For more blues looper videos visit my YouTube channel.


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