The Pop Rock Guitar Looper Pedal Book


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Learn how to use your looper pedal and improve your pop & rock guitar playing.30 practice loops from 2 to 16 bars divided into 5 separate parts: riffs, bass, chords, rhythm, and an extra optional part. Also, instructional materials on looping and improvising tips, pop & rock chord progressions, scales & fingerboard charts.  168 pages.

How to Use Your Guitar Looper Pedal to Play Pop Rock Music

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In "The Pop Rock Guitar Looper Pedal Book" you will learn how to use your looper pedal and improve your pop/rock guitar playing.  There are 30 practice loops from 2 to 16 bars long divided into five separate loops or parts.  The five parts are: riffs or melody, bass, chords, rhythm, and an extra optional part to enhance the overall loop.  The book also covers a wide variety of instructional materials including looping and improvising tips, pop and rock chord progressions, scales and fingerboard charts, plus much more.  Take your guitar playing to the next level and become a looper pro!  Audio tracks below.

Review Quotes

...I've had a looper for a couple of years and never did too much with it until I got this book.

This book starts out with some practical tips about how to arrange, practice, and perform with a looper.

Then it gets right into a bunch of songs. These are very clearly laid out, nicely typeset, and there's a good progression from easy songs to harder. They are all 5-layer loops. Most of the songs seem to be original compositions -- think generic "rock backing track" or "reggae backing track". There are a handful of public domain songs arranged to sound decent in the looper -- Pachelbel's Canon, Wayfaring Stranger, etc.

Get a metronome app on your phone or find a website on your pc, set the tempo to something slow (50-60). Play through the first layer. If you don't get a clean cut, erase and try again. Once you've got the base cleanly recorded, stop the metronome and add a layer. Continue building layers until you've recorded all 5 for the song. Solo over the top of the loop, or erase it and practice again at a slightly higher tempo.

While not suitable for an absolute beginner, I think anyone with the ability to read music (all songs show staff and tab), pick individual notes, and strum some basic chords would enjoy practicing the songs in this book.

There's a good reference section in the back with scales and chords.

I've got a Boss RC-1 which doesn't have any fancy features -- any basic looper should do.

The only downside so far to using this book is that it gave me an incentive to go out and buy a new octave pedal to add some variety to the loops... beware!

For more guitar looper videos visit my YouTube channel.


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