Cigar Box Guitar Jazz & Blues Unlimited – Book One 4-String


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Learn how to play jazz and blues on your 4-string cigar box guitar (GDGB). A comprehensive two-book series. Book one includes tablature, notation and chords, over 100 jazz and blues riffs, jazz and blues tunes, scales and arpeggios, theory and improvisation and much more.

Book One: Riffs, Scales and Improvisation – 4 String Tuning GDGB

Play Jazz & Blues on the Cigar Box Guitar.  Learning to play jazz and blues on the cigar box guitar is simultaneously easy and difficult. Easy because you only have 3 or 4 strings to worry about so fewer options than a standard 6 string guitar. Difficult because getting good full-sounding chords with 3 or 4 strings in GDG or GDGB tuning often requires bigger stretches for chords or large skips up and down the neck to play all the notes. The new two-book series "Jazz & Blues Unlimited" provides an excellent resource on both 3 and 4 string cigar box guitars covering most topics required to successfully play jazz and blues.  Book one covers riffs, scales, and improvising, while book two covers more chords, fingerstyle, and chord progressions. Audio tracks and video tracks below.  Audio tracks below.

Review Quotes

Hooray! You did it, Brent: The Jazz-books for us 3- and 4-stringers are out. And what an amazing source of tunes and riffs on your webpage! Thank you for all your efforts, Brent! Books are ordered. All the best from Germany.

...Sounds wonderful!

...Online videos and audio really help learn from the book.

For more Jazz & Blues Unlimted videos visit this video page.


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