Cigar Box Guitar – The Ultimate Collection Volume Two


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Cigar Box Guitar – The Ultimate Collection: Volume 2.  Blues, rock, classical, traditional and jazz tunes with lessons. Great for beginners and experienced players. A good selection of slide, fingerstyle, songs, rock riffs and chord progressions, scale and chord charts and some useful tips for accompanying. Audio tracks below. 182 pages.

How to Play 4-String Cigar Box Guitar.

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Cigar Box Guitar The Ultimate Collection: Volume 2 - The second book in this series adds more music and instruction needed to learn the three-string cigar box guitar tuned to GDG.   The book is intended for beginners, but experienced players will gather lots of useful information to further their progress.  The book includes a good selection of tunes that can be played with or without a slide pick, and 18 traditional songs with chord charts and lyrics for singers.  Each song has suggested chords with diagrams, the time signature, the first melody note, the key, and a variety of strumming and fingerstyle patterns provided for the songs.  There are also some useful tips on how to accompany with the cigar box guitar.

If you are into rock and pop styles, check out the "12 rock riffs" and the popular chord progressions.  The chord progressions are based on current pop/rock music and can be applied to your favourite songs.  Similar to volume one of this series, a full chord and scale library and fingerboard charts are included at the back of the book.  The most common chords also have photos, a chord chart, and tablature and notation.  An excellent way to learn chords is to practice "10 ways to play major and minor chords."   This practice alone will significantly increase your chord knowledge on your CBG!  182 pages.

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"Beautiful, thank you so much"  Dr. B Swanson

"another great book"  Thanks!  A. Brown


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