Cigar Box Guitar – The Ultimate Collection


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Cigar Box Guitar – the “Ultimate Collection” is one the first books ever written specifically for the “3 String” cigar box guitar tuned to GDG. Songs, chords, scales, exercises and more. Everything you need to play cigar box guitar today. Audio tracks below.

How to Play Cigar Box Guitar

Cigar Box Guitar–The Ultimate Collection is one of the first books ever written specifically for the “3 String” cigar box guitar. Brent has approached this book with the beginner in mind but has also incorporated many intermediate-level pieces to appeal to all players. The 30 plus pieces are a compilation of traditional, blues and original tunes. The scales, chord charts, arpeggio diagrams, fingerboard charts, riffs and exercises provide an excellent way for the user to learn the instrument and get the most from your cigar box guitar. The “How to Read Tab” and “Tips on How to Play Slide” will help those new to the instrument.  See below for audio recordings and videos.

Review Quotes

"This book was awesome. It really help me to improve in my 3 string guitar, and I enjoyed the songs in the book. It really set me up to learn more".   W. Johnson

"Easy to follow, lots of song's and a good intro to cigar box guitar playing"  F. Clark

"No problems, fast and neat"  Amazon Reader

"It is very helpful to someone learning these instruments"  B. Baker

...More then happy with this book. A must for the beginning cigar box guitar player and to learn more patterns and scales for everyone beyond being a beginner.

...Good resource of scales and chords. Exercises were also helpful. Thank you.


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