The Complete 4-String Cigar Box Guitar Chord Book


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The Complete Cigar Box Guitar Chord Book is the most extensive library of chords ever assembled for the 4-string cigar box guitar.  With over 2000 chords, chord progressions, strumming patterns and exercises included.  Chords are shown with diagrams, tablature, notation, and some photos.  A must-have for all cigar box guitar players.

4-String Cigar Box Guitar Chords in GDGB Tuning


The Complete Cigar Box Guitar Chord Book is the most extensive library of chords ever assembled for the 4-string cigar box guitar. Incredibly, there are thousands of possible chords with only four strings in GDGB tuning. This extensive chord library will give you the tools to cover all genres of music and perform all styles of music.

I have included as many chords possible in each of the 12 keys in music. There are multiple voicings for each chord group providing many chord choices. You will find chords categorized by note names starting from A - Ab/G#. Each note name has the most used chord suffixes, i.e., Major, Major 6, Major 7, etc. For beginners, there is a convenient summary of easier chords and common chord shapes.

Learning your favourite chords is the first step, followed by learning to switch between chords to play songs and chord progressions. Improve your chords by playing through the chord progressions taken directly from popular songs. There is a good selection of blues chord progressions that cover the standard blues changes in all keys. Have a look at the popular strumming and fingerpicking patterns to further your chord playing abilities. There is also a review on basic chord theory explaining how chords are formed, the chord numbering system, chord formulas, and understanding chord progressions.

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